Rhodri Griffiths

Rhodri Griffiths’ career has seen him travel the globe, from his home in Auckland, New Zealand, to Bermuda, the UK, United States, and numerous places in between.

Having begun his career as an automotive electrician, Rhodri – like his father, moved to the UK where he worked as a mechanic for British F1 team, McLaren.

After seven years, Rhodri took the bold decision to step away from European motorsport, and ventured across the pond to Indianapolis, where he became a Crew Chief in the IRL.

Three years later he returned to the UK where he took on various projects – Chief Mechanic in World Series by Renault 3.5, and then Team Manager in Formula Renault 2.0.

Having been exposed to many racing series, Rhodri noticed the many different ways people approached the same tasks and problems – some better than others.

He began looking for new and improved ways to manage these processes, and when demand and interest overtook this as a hobby, Rhodri founded Palindrome Sports Ltd.

Photo of Rhodri Griffiths