Company Background

Palindrome Sports Ltd was founded in 2008, and works across two main areas within the motorsport industry – technology and development, and public relations and marketing.

Having worked in the motorsport industry for years, we used the tools we were given and applied these to the tasks at hand, and often found ourselves working around a problem.

We concentrated our efforts on the race car and its performance on track, and it was here that every part, every component, every detail was analysed. However nobody ever stepped back and took stock of what was in front of us. The products and tools we use within the garage and pit lane contribute massively to the overall performance of the race car, and yet we never thought how an existing product could be made to be even more efficient. Palindrome Sports was created when we realised that by modifying the use of the equipment, we could make gains on the circuit – the race car wasn't the only component that could be designed to win. From here ideas came flooding out of the woodwork - simple and often overlooked – and from small beginnings, Palindrome Sports has grown from an 'out of hours' project to a full-time team of Directors.

From our current position, our confidence has grown along with our abilities to tackle more involved projects, however we haven't lost sight of the fact that the well-known clichι – keep it simple – is often the best way forward.

We have designed, discovered and worked in conjunction with a number of manufacturers and suppliers; where necessary we have advised and we have actively promoted these products, especially within the European racing scene. Our knowledge of worldwide motorsport enables us to tailor a constantly developing product range – we are permanently seeking out new ways to combat design fault, improve upon existing and develop new products to add to our inventory.

We work with discretion, enthusiasm and professionalism – essentially we are driven by a passion for what we do, and know this can be seen in the depth and quality of our work.

Palindrome PR offers a unique, professional and tailored public relations service to the motorsport industry. Whether our clients are teams or drivers, we are here to develop and preserve their reputations, and enable them to concentrate on their on track success, while we ensure that they achieve their maximum potential away from the race track.

We work efficiently to give advice on all aspects of communication, from public relations to marketing, and working with the media. In addition to implementing targeted and focused media campaigns, we manage the day-to-day tasks involved with upholding a strong and visible image - building and maintaining cutting-edge websites, communicating results and news to the media, overseeing photo shoots, liaising with management and sponsors, creating and selling merchandise, operating and managing Fan Clubs and meet and greets – the list goes on!

We are trustworthy and work hard to keep one step ahead of the game, and approach situations with creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. In a nutshell, we understand the unique demands of the motorsport business, and we work to them.